P R A G E R Spanischer Wein Spanish Wine Willy Prager is one of those artists who won their way to commercial art by way of photography. In his studio the visitor finds himself confronted by well-filled photographic archives, material collected on his travels. Here are landscapes, townscapes, snapshots, all arranged in portfolios and handy for use. This is Willy Prager's raw material. Let us suppose, for example, that the Zoo logical Gardens need a new poster. Nothing easier. You plunge a hand into one of the portfolios, pick out a photo of two polar bears, wandering up and down their enclosure, taken from above, splash a little red on the pictureand you have one of the most original and tasteful posters. Once more you have proved that the simplest solutions are nearly always the best. Of course it is not every commission that can be carried out with material already on hand. Then you have to go out with the camera in search of new motifs, you must have ideas and seek a suitable decorative frame for them. Here, too, Willy Prager often seems to have a happy thought. How artfully the advertising idea is introduced, for example, into the advertisement for él

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1933 | | page 57