I i !<wt» jjt ?fc«,\. WILLY P R A G E R Advertisements the "Weser Zeitung" by the use of the little paper boats. And when a tourist is sitting in the dining-car, glowing in the heat of noon, how he longs for a bottle of Fachinger water, presented as appetiz- ingly and invitingly as on Willy Prager's poster. This artist not only knows how to take a picture, he also knows how to put it to good use in the service of propaganda. To use it rightly, that is, without any falsities of re touching or doing it violence by wild experiments in style. Fore here, too, our tastes have undergone a change. The day of composite photos is past. What we look for to-day in advertising, is not a display of startling novelties, whose purpose is often only to disguise a lack of technique, but simple and clear effects which shall pacify and satisfy the eye. We therefore give space to Willy Prager's photographs and believe that they fully entitle him to that high place in this particular branch of commercial artistic development, to which his artistic and workmanlike abilities would seem to assign him. Translated by E.T. Scheffauer 39

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1933 | | page 59