25 Esslinger Wollheft Esslinger Wollheft Verlag Merkel Kienlin G.m.b.H. Esslingen-Neckar Silberwolle Trockenvrolte B R U D I Prospectus for wool the form it takes, which must be part of it. The decisive moment is not only the theme itself, but the striking optical effect. This is proved by the propaganda reproduced here, used in recent years by the firm of Merkel Kienlin, wool manufactures. The designs are the work of Walter Brudi of Stuttgart, a pupil of Schneider, who is to-day a teacher of commercial art and typography at the Höheren Graphischen Fach- schule in Berlin. Brudi's talent is fresh and aggressive, and he attacks his problems from a purely graphic standpoint, with regard to the technical possibilities of expression, without weighing himself down with theoretical ballast. In addition, his work has an ideal inherent logic and unity which, as one of the leading factors of successfull publicity has contributed largely to his success. Verlag Merkel St Kienlin G. m. b. H. Esslingen-Neckar ■<rscHt 41

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1934 | | page 63