sjpll ïjflj W M W Will Here we have an artist whose varied gifts form such a happy Wm MM puj U s B f combination that one complements the other to render him equal to any task that may present itself. His versatility not only enables him to employ the most suitable means of execution in each case, but also protects him from the well-known dangers of an arbitrarily limited perspective. Seewald's pictured statistics are so original in effect and so convincing in the proofs they offer, that they arouse the curiosity even of those not primarily interested in the subject and are at once comprehensible. This is a method of treating seemingly dead and dryasdust material which not only brings it to life but is as attractive as it is instructive. Such pictorial figures really speak. Sometimes very knotty problems require translation into terms of art, as, for example, the graphic representation of the whole system of motor - propelled traffic. Seewald's method makes it possible to survey the whole circuit with all its related branches and branchlets at a glance. If we examine the individual pictured units more closely, the plastic and painstaking work seems all the more charming. Burdens and their relief, cause and effect, are most unmistakably shown in these eloquent little scenes. The whole diagram is composed with that neatness and exactitude which is a matter of course with an arranger of space who makes a point of exactness and clarity. Here we arrive at a sphere in which Hermann Seewald has already distinguished himself by his mastery of material and especially aesthetic effects. He is an exhibition architect who in spite of his unusually developed fondness for careful attention to even the smallest details, never loses the large conception of the whole which is so essential for this class of work. With an expert eye he sizes up the possibilities and makes the most of each, in order to lead the observer's eye and with it his thoughts, in the required direction. See wald's plastic composite photos never achieve purely playful effects, but impress us as a cleverly composed use of the space at command. Wheter he is working at exhibition stands, prospectus cover designs or purely graphic problems, this artist, schooled by much practical experience, always has a keen eye for the simple, striking and therefore most effective solution. A few spots of colour and a very few stokes serve to express and emphasize Seewald's cheery wit. Trans, by E. T. Scheffauer. Pictured statistics of the German motor-car industry 193 O W 5 6 H 5 C H it F WM KOcasctJUM* >*»VkTf U»0«*inilUI4 '*rU.' wntSwWêi*i

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1934 | | page 67