DR. PAUL WOLFF Dr. Paul Wolff's photographs are familiar to every poster expert and graphic artist. His photographs may be found in numerous advertising pamphlets and prospectus, which attract the eye at once to the title pages and to the inside. The author has related his experiences with the Leica very clearly in this extensive and well written book. More then 200 full size illustrations, executed in firt class style, demon strate very clearly and purposefully the author's doctrines. Dr. Wolff does not seek to avoid any difficulties which may possibly arise, he calls things by their right name. He has not the slightest wish to figure as a miracle worker and he has no necessity to do so, being himself an expert. The explicit index "Technical data of the pictures" is of incalcuable value to the photographer, containing as it does, exact particulars of each separate photograph shown in the book, and of the objectives, diaphgrams, length of exposure, film photos and so on given. The author does not hesitate either to draw attention to the deficiencies in his photographs, he explains too, what caused them, and how they can be avoided. An experienced and first rate expert such as he is, has, it goes without saying, a perfect knowledge of all that appertains to his work at his finger ends. His meaning is clearly shown in the following para graph: "The number of photographs which can be taken on a journey is inexhaustible, but care must be taken not to portray again for the 1001st time, what may have been already reproduced a 1000 times, the corners at which crouds stand to get a shot are to be avoided. The question as to "why" naturally arises. Post cards which are as good and perhaps better, may be bought. The local photo grapher, who makes these cards, has the advantage over us, for he is in a position to choose the day and the hour MY EXPERIENCES WITH THE LEICA Published by H. Bechhold, Edition, Francfort (Main) Price RM 6.—

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1934 | | page 75