L r A iM Entwurf ALLEN SAALBURG Design produced by means of a general prize contest the results of which were published at that time in the "Gebrauchsgra- phik". For the purpose of advertising in Ame rica the services of Ame rican poster artists were also employed. The works of Trafton are especially interesting. Their appeal is to a highly cultivated and artistically inclined pub lic. The advertising post ers and prospectuses for European countries were designed mainly in the art studio of the North German Lloyd. To-day the works of the artists Kück and Feldt- mann are among the most important. In the entire advertising work of the North Ger man Lloyd there is a tendency to artistic achie vement, which is especi ally to be appreciated, and for this reason we always call attention to the new publications of this great shipping line. iCeiLLT „Ji. ,Xv./i y,j J -tiaric*.7)j J ./inI, i itrh ijcl'nl, }j Xirlkit r"i" 7/ojj(j Cnal>f hrltlrrrll l ijritl J,:. Jiottt til -£« rA»fo*alre. A- "ifl m IL fu'l iitnijik. til! f in llit ktimlij .nlihlt rank Ctrl to tr.a At wUt o „ui

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1935 | | page 21