HOSIERY COLOUR FOR DARK BROWNS OR GREENS 5 fOKSTMANN WOOlfN$ Show Cards Design: B O B R I and aesthetic cultivated style, which is, however flavoured with a dash of humour, is especially suited to carry out her ideas. Many of the typographical arrangements of catalogues and advertisements are her own work. In this case too, and perhaps just because she is not hampered by previous technical knowledge, she has hit on the right thing with sure touch. The catalogues which are harmonious, refined and elegant appeal exactly to that public among which it is not only intended to awake a desire to purchase, but which is also a likely con sumer of the luxuriously got-up goods. What is new and amusing is the insertion of samples of the material in the illustrations in the catalogues themselves. Apart from its artistic attraction, this form of advertising makes it pos sible to ascertain the quality of the fabric and whether the shade harmonizes with other

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1935 | | page 31