O E H ME 41 Ernst Oehme is a photographer who records reality in technically excellent artistic pictures. This reality reveals the beauty, peculiarities and, if one will have it so, the atmosphere of the originals in a way that has not yet been done, for instance in the case of welcome photographic reporting work of such things as blast furnaces and mines. The subjects dealt with appeared before the camera as they are, and were merely put in the right light. How difficult that is we all know, but the results possible are first recognized in Oehme's photo graphs in which no subject is given more than its proper sense and value, or made "interesting" by trick photography or by photographing it from an intentionally original angle of vision. His work gives the impression of extra ordinary but never exaggerated practicality. Tran.1. by w. l. Campbell.

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1936 | | page 71