Glückwunschkarte Congratulary card Zwei Plakate für den Akademie-Ball Two posters for the"Akademie-Ball" Is it not an objectionable state of affairs that there are still many young advertising artists who squander their most valuable energies in an exhausting struggle for existence before they finally have to deal with a more important task? Should we not really expect much more favourable prospects in view of the fact that contemporary advertising, which has need of a large number of graphic collaborators in any case, must, by its whole character, always aim at change and constant novelty? But in spite of this the measures it adopts are in general characte rized more by a cautious utilization of what has already proved its worth than by a readiness to experiment and try what is new and unknown. Hence the younger generation might safely be given a greater chance of utilizing their powers. In this issue we present a young graphic artist who deserves such encourage ment. Hellmut Braasch has sure technical ability and imagin ation, and also the mobility and correct view of his vocation necessary for an advertising artist. That is sufficiently proved by the different solutions of the same theme reproduced in this issue which were the result of the different printing processes. Hellmut Braasch has thus proved his mettle in the possible scope so far available, and will certainly hold his own in dealing with larger tasks. Dr. Eberhard Hölscher 3

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1936 | | page 33