I tó Sd z:%dbton hr me blink,n' I 5 S Titelthand'' 1 hr;tn a1 ;iVtd^u,t *™?aad<»~ The advertisements for "London Transport" which have been appearing for about a year are novel and original for London in every respect. Christian Barman, the Publicity Manager of this company, is the prime mover. He discovered interesting artists and excellent text-writers. Every thing is unaffectedly fresh, and convincing A dog slept in I h,. lathe and that peculiar °k tsidc' There was the walked across the corr gbt '■fell of cut h 8?"d °f tbe ft table-legs that u age >'ard- There be,echwood. J I Want a leg e?.n rc'ec'ed, green with r ,l,rned M- I held out a cigarette nS r°hnd.' rr n seems odd w/i, V beech keeps von t, I He gestured round hlm thc beech trees in the valle, *coui.d see rh- he machin- splittin- C F S 'thlngsVereln'the CMie bacfc> one elbow on I plenty of fruit too iTthr year- for blossom. sf'V"' his moustache Thn "i n p<*d the back of his j ibart Jhe landlord filled the hand along ,by his hand. lcd the empty glass and puT F -Not that there'll l-v» i "nights didn't help it a ^hortaSe Vhe went on, 'but rh- t^ad°ttelpipe,dr.1wmgther 'And the tea-- - 'For-' without any effort, emphasizing the mecha nical side, or remarks about speed, comfort and all that sort of thing. Good spot, the Chilterns. Good work, London Transport. The text for this series is marked by a strong feeling for the landscape and of being on a holiday. It does not appeal so much to golf-players, hunting sets and landowners as to the masses, and the mil lions who live and work in the great city. Most people know about the points recal led by the advertisements of the Chilterns, and when they read them they start off for the sunshine and the countryside.

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1936 | | page 63