i.,, s*«3on i. Her days are closely occupied with a home-decorating business in Bloomsbury, so she tries to save time and,-incidentally, money)She saves both with a through Season Ticket from Windsor to Euston Square. She rides for nothing to her hair dresser near Portland Place, and also to an important client, in Baker Street. No waiting at ticket officesl Her 'G.W.R. - Underground' Season Ticket,fo/9}a month, is worth while. The illustrations for this series of advertisements were designed by the Polish artist Topolski, a member of the staff of "Harper's Bazar". Barman also discover ed him for advertising pur poses. The whole series deals with the life and the people of London in 1936. As so often happens, Topolski, as a keen foreign observer, also easily found the characteristic types. The combination of the draughts manship, the familiar typescript and the informal text which is easy to read is most effective.

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1936 | | page 65