SERIAL .WAYS At mOPMÏÏ TW£ 19j6 SHHHHH WILHELM METZIG Spheres of Application V 4 Drop-Forgings and Forgings 52 MSSÖCMTED COMP^NIE. ov; f - Urt7 I l FURTHiR VOTI C'£ v" This cancels previous editions- Subject to '■v.. alteration, without notice ENGi.AND EGYPT IRAQ INDIA MALAYA AUSTRALIA Neue Prospektentwürfe New designs of po|iq Whilst aluminium sheets and aluminium alloy costings had already acquired a certain amount of importance ,in-i„g of this century il was not until later that aluminium alloys'in the form of sheets, sectidnS tubes etc, were introduced into various branches of industry. All the more pleasing therefore ,s It rr, notice the increasing use of Light Metals which, in many spheres, have already become qu.le indispensable A survey of ihe many possibilities of application is given in 1he Wowing summary in which the most important properties of light Metals ond the corresponding princrpal morkels ore placed slle strength ond ductility are ghout give hiqhest assurance wtii be maintained tnrougboyt shock and alternating stresses, rring die costs are frequently

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