I L S U D S K I WITH IN SIBERIA ■MMI The history of his nation is reflected in that of Pilsudski himself, for he was the link between old and new times, the last of those who fought for the liberation of Poland and the first who was able to restore to the country the freedom which all had endeavoured to secure. Besides this, he was privileged to help to build up the new firmly constructed State. The great change was carried out in his lifetime and with his assistance. This alone, even more than the regime which he established in 1926, secures for Pilsudski a place in every Polish heart for all time. The change which converted a dream into reality could only be accomplished with patience and sufferingsuffering which will long remain a source of strength for the nation. The effect of the huge album prepared by Mieszyslaw B. Lepecki is to represent this suffering in the form of the Marshal's personal experiences, so that Pilsudski's banishment symbolizes the banishment of the whole Polish people. At the very beginning, on the inside of the binding, one sees the endless road that runs from Warsaw to Kirensk, far beyond Tomsk. The work contains three different 55

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1936 | | page 85