i .MIO CüMPIDOjüO EMIO CtMPIDOGllO jysBi r nso IPPtÜÖJUT£Rfj1210HHE immuunteU SUPERONEHA l%\ Pill N iTMtMl (OMQUISTAH independent of the import of grain within a short time. This was the first movement towards self- sufficiency in the economic field, and it has naturally been adopted in all branches of production in recent years, especially after the application of sanctions. Other collective propaganda has been carried out for rice, beer, artificial silk, Italian toys, and tourist traffic. State propaganda is exclusively reserved for the 70 political daily papers, tor, on the one hand, it is a question of products and services which are mainly of interest to men, whereas, on the other hand, they were regarded as a widespread means of pro paganda and thus reach nearly the entire population of 43 millions. In most cases the Italian newspapers and periodicals do not provide advertisers with certified statistics of their circulation and the distribution ol their readers. Many give large figures of circu lation, but there is no means of verifying them. In Italy, there is no obligation, as in Germany, to state the exact circulation in every issue. The "Corriere della Sera" and the weekly "Domenica del Corriere" published by the same press have probably the largest circulation of any Italian papers, for at times it is more than a million. The most important of these State adver tising campaigns are: I or the tobacco monopoly: after various experiments the propaganda was concentrated on two articles, the cigarette "Macedonia Extra" and the short cigar Sigaretto Roma"; tor the Post and Telegraph Service: urgent telegrams, letter tele grams, train telegrams, Marconigrams, urgent parcels post, airmail, and postage stamps for collectors For the State Railways: express parcels; For the Telephone Service: State telephone administration and the five large companies among which the telephone service in the whole of Italy is distributed; For the State Insurance Institute: insurances of all kinds, especially life assurances. Further, propaganda lor semi-State institutes, such as the: U. A. P. A. (gas protection and air raid protection), Campagna Mazionale Antitubercolare (anti-tuberculosis propaganda), Comitato per il Prodotto Italiano (Buy Italian goods). I he greatest advertising constantly maintained in Italy is probably that organized by the E. N. I.T., the institute for tourist traffic. The Fascist Government was probably one of the lirst to recognize that tourist traffic exercises very great influence on the balance ol trade. Every year tourist traffic brings millions in foreign currencies to Italy which can be used for partially adjusting the passive trade balance. The Italian poster artists cannot complain of any lack of charming and picturesque subjects for tourist traffic advertising. There is good reason why Italy is the classic travel country, and the sunny south with its blue skies is "not merely a poetical phrase. The Italian shipping lines are among the best as regards speed and comfort. Italian tou rist advertising must appeal to the widest public, and also take Ml (UrbUflH SICCiOUH MtlMAVfBrt »n Miluun lUüVOHHtöOOHH COIEOI a iPWLt' ORE 15 1* Lire lO.OOOw nnn-w^tinT- 7T7 rF O MT*Hf 1 - mviK CT, 1 Esisc" CA l ANDHINO ISO IPPtCO mTERMZIOMlE JcolEW a ipRlÜORE 15 1» 1*116 IO.OOO [ii Mrtf C. Uwfi-I** I lin 7-Wa*

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