OUR LATE EDITOR H. K. FRENZEL It is with profound regret that we convey to our readers the sad news of the sudden death on the 15th October, 1937, at the age of 54, of the founder and editor of "Gebrauchsgraphik", Professor H. K. Frenzel, the joint proprietor of our press. He had just completed the present issue and prepared the general lines of the next two issues when the cold hand of Death was laid on his heart, and put an untimely end to a life devoted to the service of the community of all creative workers, especially his own vocational community. In H. K. Frenzel we have lost a kind-hearted and broad-minded man of ablility and great merit, and a loyal comrade and partner. His life and work will be dealt with fully by his most intimate friends in the following November issue. When he remarked, not long ago, on receiving the news of a death, that it was not the dead but the survivors who were to be pitied, little did we think that his words would apply to us so soon and with such weight, for we seem to have suffered an irreparable loss. But the will of the deceased that "Gebrauchsgraphik", his great life-work, should be carried on in accordance with his ideas constitutes a great responsib ility. We are aware how hard this task will be, but we wish to undertake it seriously and confidently along with the late editor's best collaborators. To do so, however, we require the cooperation of all our readers in Germany and abroad, and we therefore appeal to them to continue to support "Gebrauchs graphik" and thus give proof of their loyalty to the work of the late H. K. Frenzel. In the name of the proprietors and staff of the press ALBERT ENGELBRECHER

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