13 Schaumweinplakat Entwurf Design B O C C A S I L E Poster for sparkling wine various exhibitions have been models of their kind in every respect (e. g. in 1937, the Ex hibition of Holiday Colonies in Rome, the Exhibition of the Fascist Revolution in Rome, and the Italian Pavilion at the International Exhibition in Paris). In this respect Italy also has first-class artists who are of far more than national importance, and whose work is internationally recognized. Mario Sironi, Ruggero Micaelles (RAM), and Marcello Nizzoli are certainly the most important painters of the Fascist Revolution, and their work, both decoration and exhibition architecture, is a complete incorporation of the revolution, so eternally youthful and yet already so old, of Fascist Italy. They are also the vanguard of Italy in the field of modern decorative art. Mention must also be made of Erberto Carboni and Walter Roveroni, both of whom have also done exemplary work in exhibition archi tecture. In this case the new influences were most fruitful.

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1937 | | page 41