17 Propagandaplakat fur bessere Arbeiterwohnungen Entwurf Design W. R O V E R O N I Poster for better workmen's houses In advertising art the development proceeded more slowly, especially as Italian industry had not the same funds and co-operation of the various organizations at its disposal as the State itself. The greater part of the advertising in the press is paid for by consumption goods and drugs, namely, preserves (Cirio, Arrigoni), cheese (Robhiola, Pastorella, Rex, Bel Paese), wines, mineral waters, and aperitifs (Campari, Cora, Cinzano-Florio, Strega, Ramazzotti, Bisleri, Branca, Zucca, S. Pellegrino, Bognanco), coffee and sweetmeats (Caffè Cirio, Panettoni Motta, Unica-Venchi, Perugina), wheaten pastes (Buitoni, Nestlè, Baroni), drugs and medicaments (S. Pellegrino, Ischierogeno, Erba, Aspirin, Rim, Gazzoni, Proton), toilet articles (Bertelli, Chiozza Turchi, Persil, Odol, Chlorodont, Palmolive, etc.), shoe polish (Brill, Marga), wireless sets (Marelli,Telefunken, Phonola, Unda), whereas the heavy and

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