21 Plakat für bessere Ausnützung der Lebensmittel Entwurf Design Poster for better utilization of foodstuffs tect. Hence it is easily understood that the poster plays a bigger part in Italy than in most other countries. In this way a poster style was developed which is absolutely national in content and temperament. Regarded as a whole, Italian poster art is very expressive. The lundamental idea is placed more in the foreground than anywhere else. The greatest import ance is attached to stimulating the attention and to implanting the idea in the observer's memory. The appeals to the purchaser are fundamentally different to those in northern and English-speaking countries. There is a preference for outbidding competitors. Original sketches and dramatic colouring are not uncommon. Cappiello and Dudovich are still the masters of Italian poster art. Dudovich has always remained young in his work, as is evidenced by latest posters for the department store

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1937 | | page 49