25 aAxa2 Plakat fur ein Fest der nationalen Arbeit Entwurf Design R E S E N T E R A Poster for a festival of national work of ARACA (Enzo Montanari-Forlivesi) is of a similar character. In form some of Araca's work approaches the more recent French poster style, but without abandoning national characteristics. Frederico Seneca's work cannot be compared with that of any of his predecessors. His style and ideas are so original and unique that all his work is recognizable at the first glance, once one has seen one example of it. His work also perhaps marks the beginnings of a new school and of a new form of expression, which, however, give rise to the objection that they are too limited. Seneca has always used the same form, even if the idea was different, for choco late, wheaten pastes, artificial silk, and telephone propaganda. Martinati still belongs to the old school. He devotes himself almost exclusively to posters for

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1937 | | page 53