JKOSTR IERCATO TIPICI SIENA tfll Plakat für eine Weinausstellung Entwurf Design SENECA Poster for an exhibition of wine the film industry. His speciality, as in Dudovich's case, is sketches of figures, which are, of course, the determining feature of film posters. Thanks to his talent for draughtsmanship his work never appears old, and he is constantly bringing it up to date, as required by the film industry. Riccobaldi, who also specialized in posters for the film industry, now devotes himself exclusively to industrial propaganda. His work has first reached maturity in recent years, and is noteworthy on account of the ideas and harmonious colouring. Franco Mosca is a man of our own times. His posters and calendars are full of ideas, colourful and effective for the general public. His work largely consists of photographic and typo graphic compositions which had their origin at the moment and were made for the purpose.

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1937 | | page 55