kO/AA 29 II «I Carlo Dinelli's work is of a similar character, but in his case it is more a question of small graphic work than of posters. Boccasile is one of the strong men. He is fond of the sharp contrast between light and darkness, sunshine and shadow. His designs resemble Hohlwein's in some ways, but he has adapted the same idea to his temperament which is entirely Italian. His posters are ani mated and very visible from a distance. The effect is increased by rich colouring. I should not like to close this brief survey of Italian advertising graphic art without having mentioned some of the best-known cari caturists and illustrators. Paolo Garretto and Onorato Pupazzi are among the best known. Garretto s talented caricatures are evid ence of great acumen in characterization. His ideas and caricatures are so excellent that he is a regular contributor to the most import- LA PRIMA LAS S E PILOT CHART OF THE JOoth saiung along the southern route While New Yorker* are beginning to Ihe frequent temenciee of the New York fall and early winter, with Its increcwtmjly chill, and alien drizzly oWs an the Italian Uno carefree mildnest o! their Falder of Shipping Lines LA LINEA MEDITERRANEO S U D - A M E R I C A

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