SUL MARE MVbI*6S VMIEMIElt HGHIMNIEtil-WMfiAmNE-fTAlJA UOYi) Anyone inspecting the newspaper stands in the large Italian railway stations or in the main streets of Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, or Naples will always be astonish ed not only by the amazing confusion of the brightly coloured title-pages of the periodicals but also by the innumerable periodicals hung up or laid out for sale. But he will be even more astonished to learn that all the periodicals which are seen in public in Italy only amount to about 25 per cent of the various periodicals in Fascist Italy which number about 3,500. 75 per cent of the total are not seen by the public on the streets and squares because they are mostly religious, scientific or business periodicals supplied to certain sets of readers, most of whom are regular subscribers. All these periodicals, in so far as they know how to meet even one of their readers' requirements and do not over-estimate their selling power, have a comparatively secure existence. Many of them hardly need to worry about sales and paying capa city because they have not been started from sucb points of view. The situation is different in the case of the remaining 25 per cent which have to maintain their existence to a substantial extent with every copy in newspapers kiosks or exhibited in shop windows, by either securing new or retaining regular readers. These include, to mention only a few groups of subjects, periodicals devoted to house keeping and the fashions, the cinema, wireless or motor TA 01 VIAGCI DEUE COMPAGNIE Dl NAVICAZK ITALIA - LLOYD TRIESTINO AT SEA - SUR LA MER - AU F SEE ANNO XIII-N" 3 1937-XV

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