novecenlo 39 cars, and also those for women and children, but in particular the extensive group of periodicals containing general or light reading matter. The most expensive of them at present, which costs 20 lire per number, the Horentine Critica d'Arte attracts attention in the window displays of the leading booksellers and is bought by more readers than merely regular subscribers, just as the thousands of newspaper kiosks in the country sell, for instance, the richly illustrated weekly editions of the big Italian newspapers from Naples to Turin, which now average from fourteen to twenty pages and are sold for forty centesimi. Even if the economic return from these weeklies for the general public is closely connected with the total returns of the big Italian newspaper firms publishing them, yet they are by no means inclined to give up frequently violently coloured title pages which attract readers fond of pictures in particular, nor do they neglect the advertisement sections of their papers in any way. Italian advertising experts in particular consider that the advertisements sections of the Italian periodicals available for the general public are in need of development as regards quality and the number of advertise ments, in spite of many fine achievements in advertising effect, artistic arrangement and harmonious distri bution of the entire space. Seventy advertising businesses and twenty advertising periodicals co-operate with the advertising managers of the periodicals and newspapers to broaden and improve the stream of Italian advertisements. "Let us mobilize advertising", said Dr. G. C. Ricciardi, speaking as an expert, "for the War and Mussolini s State have impressed on us the enormous importance of publicity. Italy has need of a State department in charge of publicity". Ricciardi considers that the sphere of activity of this State department should be to lay down common lines of guidance and community methods for Italian advertising. It is not possible here to investigate the question of what experience, preliminary work, and wishes with regard to these requirements are forthcoming in important newspaper spheres. But attention is constantly invited to the work for the extension and improvement of advertising, principally in newspapers for the present, which is done by the largest Italian advertising business, the "Unione Pubblicita Italiana" in Milan with a capital of about ten million lire. In addition to its close business connections with nearly all the big newspapers, it also exercises effect on the illustrated weeklies, and thus already on a very considerable range of Italian periodicals. Translated by W. L. Campbel m worn i rams ram u N. 4. DOPOLAVORO AZIENDALE NEBIOLO. TORINO da "tcritti diicari< di bemlo muiJoUni. N. 9. STAB. TIPOGR. SOCIETA EDITORIALE - CREMONA NUOVA CREMONA IL NQVE N. 10. STAB. TIPOGR. SOCIETA EDITORIALE -CREMONA NUOVA». CREMONA Zeitschrift-lnnenseiten Interior of periodical

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