m 21: M AMSTUTZ UND HERDEG cAJ^CuJl THE 9UN OF ST. ku btcctnt a slogan, but a alogan (untitled by reality From Hit Ural of Dscsmbsr lo lha tirsl ol Agrit lbs aun 0* vitality and lots da vtvrs that it brings Imparts a marked d'fforanca to tho holiday-maker a IHo day in 8t Morn* Is dosotod lo sport, tho waning bofongs lo gay, social Ida. Tha idoal holiday includaa somathing of wsrything lima far quiet resting. tlma lor tha thrill ol sport, tha echllarelioo of lha right clothas and tha right paopla in lha nghl plats St Mont* 1 Tha Sun of St. fdorltz shinaa not only on holiday-makara but on ona ol tha most lo»sty places in which to maka holiday Tha Classic landsrapa is a lay In Itsatf a Tho Sun of St. Morltz lor lha chitdran rrash air, sunlight and tun ara tha bast builders at a haafthy mind in a haolthy body /atf'a-day Id ^a-sy y •rgect In 4lh Clack. Repetition i lato kit 6th Clas* Telemark. wtkhvk and h Claaa I The Swlce Ski School »t St Merit* «Ilk Ilk 29 csrtHioatkd tnrtrwc Swlir.rland La el nintar 10,000 pupil* rteei.ed tnatructloa. Th clktkca, la which pupllk remain tram thrak tp line tape, nccerdli progrekt Inetredtion Ik given In 8»rmnn, Englith. French and ol clkcckk ars trom 10 00 to 12.30 a.m. and 2 00 ts 4.S0 th« practice alppee o< Salostraint. Salat and Kulm Park Seaki April I5th. tkt Clack i Beglnnere) walking, clldinf, uphill walking. elde-stapping^^Vedging, kick^rn cm downhill running PndCUkk. Repetition el prenouoolkkt on iteepsralepeFecitionc lor running, upright, aemi-creuch led lee For 0 p m. s|^^E!R«de ere held on kchvekUl Seaton :^^Hoectmb«r lou^^ri cult ereta country running. leper ground. Crete ccudtry running and chart teurt- in chrldtlanla and clotdd ehrlottonle Scaling Short c on deep ^opec. Downhill running In lormolipn, running, lump turn and atop lump Slalom practice. Long on weeing and ca at Okie. Tho Swlce Ski School ol hodgt tor pupllc who pak» cuccoocfutlj. Tho Irom Comlglla elation to Obor-Atpina. 3rd Ciaoc. ftopotltion ol prouiout elaoa tide capping Fdditionc dt open ohrielioma end 1 clem 3 hcll-dcj corde hre Fr. tS j Motdere of Vle.tork carde ere entitled 6 half-day cerdi (IShrt) Fr. 30 laJ0»k reduction - Vlcllon 12 halt-ddy eerde (30 tin Fr 4fi can be obtained Irom Iht hotel. lee. bodg VERA'/:' Anwendungen des Sonnenzeichens Application of the sun-symbol Prospekt-lnnenseiten Pages from a pamphlet

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