GREAT CLOCKER! VIOLET MILLS RAILROAD unaffected and at times almost bur lesque humour therein displayed is irre sistibly human. One hardly feels that here machines are being offered for sale. Are not these delightful illustrations in tended to show above all how pleasant a thing life can be; how much more com fortable and amusing it could be made and incidentally more profitable to the owners of such machineswith the help of such amenities? Amazingly simple too are the means used to stimu late curiosity and arouse interest. The delightfully roguish elements portrayed in these compositions radiate an at mosphere of happiness and well-being. This effect is obtained by a deliberately economical use of humourous forms and by a masterly skill in the employment of direct contrasts of black and white. Where, however, colour is introduced, the ingenious devices of half-tone tints have been avoided. In clearly, almost roughly etched strokes is to be seen the course of both processes of printing, now side by side or intersecting as occasion demands. Droll and amusing always, ever bewitched as by a goblin and yet full of innate charm. Just as there are people from whom it is im possible to take a joke amiss, so in the bold flights of the Mills' advertising genius one is always prepared to find unfeigned pleasure. Captivating is the natural freshness of the compositions as well as their charming unaffectedness which is the outcome of that rare wedding of commercial shrewdness to an artist's vision. Such an alliance not only swells one's banking account, it also enriches the heart. Translated by Flora Salmond-Volkmann The Great docker! A modern pay out table to help you capture all the payout business in your terri tory. docker has everything the player has been asking for: sus- penseful acfiJn, unexpected thrills, a real chance for accomplishment, and juicy rewards. There's no such thing as a disappointing play on P. locker: every five cents .produces ♦Mills Railroad Pay Table serves player, opera tor and locution with unvarying satisfaction whioji, in the technique of coin machine operating, meays a heavy Cash «ox every week. Priee $133. at your jobber's or direct from Mills Novelty Company, 4100 Fullerton Avenue, Chicago. Illinois. Gotta match? GENTLEMENwhen an operator wrote me today and said: "Mills Railroad is easily the best payout pin table ever put on the market!", I couldn't help feeling his enthusiasm, but at the same time I couldn't get excited. For many weeks now letters Just as potent. Just as glowing, as his have been passing over my desk. Not a customer has ever expressed anything but com plete satisfaction over cash box results The price of Rail road, the 7-slot, 27 pay-station table with new motor payout, is 1135, F.O.B. Mills Novelty, 4100 Fullerton, Chicago, 111. will be the ONE and ONLY table in your territory for many months. See those seven horses? When you push your nickel in the slot, f rom one to seven of those horses light up. Maybe only one. Any one. Maybe two, three, or four. Maybe all seven. It varies, but averages Hbout three selections per nickel. At the same time the odds changer posts up new odds for Win, JMace. and Show. The player reaches Show Position by getting seven or more Kicks, Place 14 or over, and Win 24 or over. The new circular kickers give a type of action never before equalled on a payout table, and guarantee a variety never be fore possible. There are seven holes, corresponding to the Seven Selections and if the ball goes in the hole numbered the same as selection, the player gets the odds earned by the number of Kicks he has piled up. Players often get plenty of kicks but fail to match selections, or they match selections without getting enough Kicks. The table is drenched w ith ."Come-on," its almost .mpossible for a human being to tear himself away once he starts playing. That's why the Great Clocker, in its first major engagements in typical locations, has piled up earnings of $10. $20. and even $30 in a single day I Advertisements and pamphlets Post Time profits of $75 to 150 per week are right down your alley, eh Operator.' This great Mills Pay Table is the leading seller this month on most jobbers' floors. Price $139:50. F.O.B, Chicago. Mills Novelty Co., 4100 Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 33

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