Buchi 11ustrationen aus Dickens „Oliver Twist" Book illustrations for "Oliver Twist" by Dickens Slevogt's method of illustrating is to treat the book as a setting for his ideas, a stage as it were, on which they move and dance like figures in some graceful ballet. True, he starts from the text but refuses to transform words into pictures. In other words, he wishes to free his drawings from the Procrustean bed of the book. And indeed, his most striking effects are to be found where he does not illustrate in the actual sense of the word. Gerhard Ulrich, on the other hand represents a very different type of artist. He adheres faithfully to the text, and in illustrating "Victoria", perhaps Hamsun's most poignant love-story, he attempts to transfer the

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1938 | | page 79