\ul "w i. h j "J 'ai vu ca", a phrase frequently inscribed by Toulouse-Lautrec on the sketches he had done at races, in theatres, bars and variétés of Montmartre. His world has long since vanished. The setting too has changed. But it is not hard to discover Klepper's links with Lautrec. Amazing is the degree of affinity he has with the French character, as is evidenced in his illustrations of Zola's works. Indeed it would not be out of place to call it congeniality. Nevertheless the two artists differ in their medium of expression. Lautrec's pleasing medium is coloured chalk, and the effects achieved are truly bewitching. Klepper, on the other hand, prefers water-colours, oils and Chinese ink. He adores his materials, still allowing himself to be enticed away by chance possibilities, and attempts to heighten effects by an extraordinarily ingenious distribution of colour. But he possesses withal, a delicate sense for the characteristic lines of a dancer, capturing her swift lithesomeness as it 58 J11 ustration

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1938 | | page 92