TQANZKKANES S11XU MvNCHEN A 4VOWIC> HQMUMC/M KVNCHCM L U D W I G Bierplakat Poster for beer outset of his career. This newer work of his executed in the course of the last few years gives vivid proof of the artist's steady resolve to remain faithful to the path he believed to be the right one for him to follow. Consequently he adheres to effects achieved by large-scale surfaces and monumental pictorial designs challenging thereby all other trends of the day or even such as are marked by a diametrically opposed style. His work always expresses vitality and never fails to arrest and impress all who see it. it would, however, be quite wrong to call Ludwig Hohlwein a naturalist as has frequently -

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1939 | | page 24