m KOWZUN folk art of his native land, and the influence of modern French advertising art which, however, although very marked in his work could not oust the Ukrainian con ception of colour and form. The artist has not selected at random prototypes of national art or even varied them, but his gift of un derstanding them and his unerring instinct helped him to grasp the essentials forming the basis of all genuine folk art and allowed them to give his own work its special cha racteristics. Translated by Flora Salmond-Volkmann Ukrainians enjoyed the fre quent hospitality of neigh bouring lands. Despite the influence of western forms of art, the Ukraine retained her own peculiar position with its marked national trend. Pawlo Kowzun is one of the characteristic representatives of Ukrainian art. He was born in the Ukraine in 1896 and studied at the Art Academy in Kiew. Later on he moved to Lemberg where he mainly devoted himself to advertising art. He died there last May. His work shows strong traits of the PAWLO 20 Jllustrationen Illustrations

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