'0* as ever. In addition to his work for "Simplizissimus" he is highly popular among his admirers as an illustrator of books, a designer of posters and a collaborator on the "Berliner lllustrirte" etc. His own personal friends are delighted with him as a man of brilliant wit. We are glad to have the pleasure of pub lishing something from his studio. Rarely are these sket ches to be seen; every sheet is executed to the minutest detail in handwriting which is humorous line visible in every drawing of his with the comical pointe from which it sprung, is the work of an ingenious spirit which has formed the name of "Karl Arnold" into a con ception. Karl Arnold is an excellent collaborator. He never fails to find the most striking, most human of solu tions. Empty abstractions are foreign to him. Life itself is his source of inspiration. He is on the regular staff of "Sim plizissimus"; during the Great War he was the never-to-be- forgotten illustrator of the "Liller Kriegszeitung", and to-day he is as full of energy Buchillustrationen Book Illustrations Glück Happiness

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