Schmidt von der Launitz: Denkmal von GutenbergFust und Schöffer in Frankfurt am Main 1858 Schmidt von der Launitz: Gutenberg MonumentFust and Schöffer in Francfort-on- Main 1858 Rekonstruierte Werkstatt Gutenbergs im Gutenberg- Museum in Mainz Gutenberg's workshop re constructed in the Guten berg Museum in Mainz Gutenberg was not present in court when Fust was sworn as a witness in the lawsuit of 1455. However, as Gutenberg is known to have been at the Great Fair in Frank fort in the same year, it is probable that the master - printer whom Konrad Humery, a Frankfort burgher had assisted financially, continued to work in Frankfort for the next few years. Mori in his recent researches in the history of early printing, is of opinion that Gutenberg print ed the Turkish Calen dar and perhaps the Thirty - six - line Bible during this period in Frankfort. Mainz was partially destroyed and plundered in 1462 during the quarrel between Archbishop Diether of Isenburg and Count Adolf of 5

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