A,'/' ^ItVcAl Nassau.The majority of the citizens supported the Archbishop; conse quently, when Elector Adolf gained the vic tory those men were immediately disposses sed of their property and banished from the town. Gutenberg was probably one of the victims of these string ent measures. Later on Elector Adolf allowed the citizens to return to their town. Johannes Gutenberg was ap pointed to the Elector's retinue in January 1465. The document relating to the appointment was drawn up at Elt- ville on the Rhine where the Elector lived in his fortified Castle. It is extremely pro bable that Gutenberg now took up his abode Zeichnungen Drawings Richard Enders Die Grafenburg in Eltville am Rhein The Grafenburgat Elt ville on the Rhine Das Haus in Eltville a. Rhein in dem Gutenbergs Bruder Friele Gensfleisch wohnte The house at Eltville on the Rhine the home of Gutenberg''s brother, Friele Gensfleisch 7

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