1440 1540 is reported to have been the occa sion of festive centenary celebrations inaugurated by Hans Lufft and the printers of Wittenberg. A La tin Ode by johann Arnold Bergellan extolling the art of printing was printed in Mainz in 1541. It is so to speak, the first Jubilee publication, and in a cer tain sense, the first history of printing. 1640 1740 id dt Jft-zrAdruyker F•só-Salxin, zu. Zcc/rzi? 4 4 Zerpzip, sts// .lfs//A/ AC ft. ^y/r////r//sz/y Tabakpackung anlafilich des 300jahrigen Jubilaums der Erfindung der Buchdruckerkurist Tobacco package designed to mark the 300 th anniversary of the invention of printing is the year in which the art of printing was invented at Mainz, so we are told in the Cologne Chronicle published by Johann Koelhoff in 1499. This date is not quite accurate; for we know that Johannes Gutenberg was in Strassburg engaged with "material pertaining to printing" in 1436, and that the first book to be printed with mo vable types, the Sybillenbuch was produced in 1445. Since, however, the year 1440 was accepted as the year of the invention of printing at all subsequent Gutenberg anniversary celebrations, we, faithful to this tradition, will this year commemorate the Gutenberg Jubilee half a millennium after the invention of printing. saw the Thirty Years' War still raging in Germany where "types were melted down into cannon balls" as Prof. Johann Schmidt stated in Strassburg. Despite such adverse circumstances, however the bi-centenary appears to have been celebrated in one or two places. A Jubilee memorial publication entitled "Jubilaeum Typographorum Lipsiensium" was published in Leipzig, while Bres- lau, Dresden, Cologne and Strassburg printed si milar souvenirs of the centenary. was a more auspicious year for cele brating the third centenary which was observed as a festive occasion in a large number of German towns. Medals were struck and scores of Jubilee publications were printed. The most valuable of the books printed for this occasion is "die so nöthig als nützliche Buchdruckerkunst und Schriftgiesserey" (the so necessary and useful art of printing and type-casting) published by Gessner, Leipzig. It con tains in its four volumes the history of the art of print ing and of numerous presses. Then in addition to these publications leaflets and broadsheets were printed many of which were of great interest typo graphically. Perhaps the most important publica tion on the fourth centenary, and one deserving of very special mention is the "Hochverdiente und aus bewahrten Urkunden wohlbeglaubte Ehrenrettung Johann Gutenbergs" by Johann David Kohier in Göttingen. The author denounces the legend which would deny Gutenberg the honour of being the actual inventor of printing. 13

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