1440 A'ic u ppotjva phi r v ere i n i qt a 1:1 c V o I c v N Hf If |AÉ M3LT UöU W idmungsblatt aus dem Guten berg-Album von Kramer A dedication from the Guten berg-Album by Kramer ■■VHHHmHHHhhmHmhHHhSmSHHHH IÜ rU was the year in which the fourth Guten berg centenary was widely celebrated. Three years prior to the Jubilee, a monument executed by Thor- waldsen had been erected to Gutenberg in Mainz, the inventor's birthplace; a replica of the same was set up in Leipzig. In Frankfurt-on-Main a huge model of the Gutenberg Monument was displayed; on its base are to be seen the figures of the inventor and his two Mainz partners, Fust and Schöffer. Scores of Jubilee programmes, poems and souvenirs were print ed. Small statues of Gutenberg in plaster and china were on sale at all local fairs; even pipe-bowls, jars, cups adorned with Gutenberg's likeness had a vogue. Nor did the "Typographische Jubilaumskanaster", 14

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