l»Rl?kl PI I u uii p Mpm l I940 The Jubilee celebrations which V MAINZ 3\tchdtuck Steindeuck Offs etc) tuck Stahlstich OFFSETDRUCK TIEFDRUCK OBRALDRUCK ROLLENDRUCK BUCHDRUCK NOTEN D R CK $chillets1t.30-3it- facnspt. NP 32752 montag 15 DRESDNER StVaSSE 11-13 FERNRUFSAMMEINR72568 a souvenir package of tobacco with the picture of the Jubilee Pavilion lack pur chasers. Of the vast number of Jubilee publi cations, the most important was undoubt edly the "Gutenberg Album" published by Dr. Heinrich Meyer in Brunswick. In it are collected Odes to Gutenberg in many lan guages which famous poets and professors from all over the world had written for the centenary. had been planned on a grand scale in Mainz and Leipzig to commemorate the 500th anni versary of the invention of printing have had to be cancelled owing to the war. This fifth centenary, however, will be observ ed on a smaller scale and in exhibitions in various German cities. Books and other publications relating to the cente nary will probably all be printed since most of these have been in preparation for some time. A number of printing houses had already indicated the Guten berg celebrations in their New Year Ca lendars on which portraits of the inven tor alternate with pictures of old print ing presses. It is to be hoped that the publications which are in preparation will from the artistic point of view prove worthy of the great occasion they com memorate. Translated by Flora Salmond-Volkmann Kalender der Druckerei Oscar Brandsletter Calendar issued by the Printing House Oscar Brandstelter £>£car £Branbffetter Kalender der Druckerei Walter mit der Darstellung einer Gruppe aus dem Jubilaumsfestzug Mainz 1840 Calendar from the W alter Press depicting a group in the jubilee procession in Mainz1840

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