IMPRESSVM VLME OPERA ET EXPENSIS IVST1 DE ALBANQ L>E VENETI1S PER PROVISOREM SVVM 10HANNEM REGER. AN NO.DOMINI .M.CCCC. LXXXVI, X1I.KALENDAS.AVGVSTI. I Lyon Engelhard Schultis 1491 Pavia Leonardus Gerla 1495 1462 and the mark in question was a combi nation of Fust's and Schöffers owners' marks. This printer's mark in the form of a coat of arms was so impressive in the clearness and simplicity of its design that it became the pro totype for other prin ters' marks. This em blem-like design of the oldest printers' marks lived on into the fif teenth century and was much used by German and Nether- land printers. Apart from pure imitations of the oldest marks in which, for instance, the coats of arms like Fust's and Schöffer's are seen hanging from a branch, designs of a more ornamental cha racter are to be found. These depict for exam ple, figures carrying coats of arms or else have decorations of Ulm Johann Reger 1486 29

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