JITRNI -i. fr.taborsky again has effectively used colour and his most recent work Aristophanes' "Birds" which is decorated with large aquarelles. Work of this kind simply cannot be surpassed. The artist has caught the spirit, the vital motive of the author's work and his pen or brush sets forth its faintest vibrations with incomparable finesse. Needless to say a thorough mastery of the technique of illustration is essential to the work of the artist. The technique of the woodcut, copper engraving, litho graphy present no difficulties to Svolinsky. He has himself made the woodcuts for a number of his books. Originally a craftsmana wood-engraverhe is familiar with all the technical resources of the craft as is evidenced by his multi-coloured woodcuts to Sig- mund Winter's "Foundling". Then again, the almost unnumbered resources of the photomechanical process, offset for instance, have been successfully utilised by Svolinsky. This is plainly seen in his two very delightful 12 volumes of "Rotharchen's Adventures". It is the tale of a squirrel and reveals Svolinsky's intimate know ledge of Nature; every flower, every bird has been carefully observed and drawn with much feeling and character. The artist is fond of animals and loves children whose hearts he has rejoiced with some fascinating books. It must be sheer joy to learn "the multiplication table in a short time" from his book bearing this title. In addition to all the qualities just mentioned Svolinsky has an accurate feeling for the typographical arrangement of a book; for he is an excellent calligrapher himself. Moreover, his dis position of titles and text while practical is always original.Karel Svolinsky was born at Kopecek near Olmütz on January 14, 1896. Trained as a wood- engraver Svolinsky afterwards attended the Arts and Crafts School at Prague where he had the good fortune to be taught by Professor Kysela to whom Umschlag und Titel zu Taborsky „Weihnachtsmesse" 1939 Cover and Titlepage for Taborsky "Christmas-Matins" 1939

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