m Holzschnitte Woodcuts v .A* •S** M';1/, Sternbild Erich Feyerabend, Principal of the Stuttgart Academy of Art is a native of the Lower Rhine country. However, he pursued his art studies in Berlin where he was first of all a pupil of Georg Koch's. He afterwards attended the Academy where he studied under Friedrich Kallmorgen, and finally became a versatile painter. It was only after the Great War in which he served for four years as an artilleryman on the Western Front that he turned his attention to graphic art. At first he showed a preference for lithography but the woodcut and the wood engraving soon claimed him, and he found in them the media best suited to his style and temperament; for they allowed of a more vigorous, a more individual mode of expression. The artist has depicted scenes of peasant life in his wood engravings; he has drawn Zodiac Sign 20

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