O riginal woodcuts as a medium for travel advertisingtruly a delightful innovation. The prospectus issued by Bad Elster and shown in part in a former number of "Gebrauchsgraphik" has now been followed by a booklet published by the Travel Office at Würzburg. Technically the lay-out is good, illustrations and text brim ful of that winged gaiety emanating from Würzburg's golden wine, just like this colourful old town itself sacred to the memory of S. Kilian, the vintners' patron saint. The device on the cover is „Dei- nem Lacheln auf die Spur zu kommen" which means "To trace thy smile", Würzburg's smile. And indeed no one could be better fitted for the task than Richard Rother, one of Franconia's gifted sons whose work Verkehrsprospekt Tourist Traffic Folder Vignetten Vignettes

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1941 | | page 43