nftSy ïmti awMai uiifl fettefott- ffetTftg Jtofaudcti, —ttst' tycut'kanten Hitita tttaafety, (¥^j Ueuftadtn.d.JWmvd* MtttdMuatt, £uon$Ui4 JjicU*c}i> AïtwCUcvl Zjurtiicczuri, Aw(? JcvCi-ti Verlobungsanzeige Announcement of Engagement Pharmazeutrscher Prospekt Pharmaceutical Pamphlet Geburtsanzeige Notification of Birth this art of rhyming. Moreover, he displays con siderable ingenuity in giving somewhat uniform motives new and original shapes. Rother is a versatile advertising artist in his special branch of work as is evidenced by his bookmarks, calendars, memorials, cards designed for festive occasions and recently by an excellent wine list for the WürzburgTown Hall Restaurant. Hitherto the scene of Rother's activities has been chiefly the Main district of Franconia. May these few lines draw the attention of wider circles to this artist with his fertile imaginative powers. Apt and humorous ideas never fail to find good soil particularly in these serious days of ours. Trl. by Flora Salmond-Volkmann 26

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1941 | | page 48