EXPOJiCiO de PRiMAVCPA»" CAMPiONAT DE TENïS GiPONA GAYNOR JUNTA MUNiCiPAL o'EXPOJiCiONi d'APT fAUki/ART MODERN 'mETALLUQGI A1 3I0L SALO cp SALO DE MONTJUft BARCELONA 20 MAiG 8 JULiOL PER EpüiPs DE LES COMAR^UES DE Ausstellungspiakat Exhibition Poster striking posters, however, cannot be spoken of in terms of mere abstractions of purely scientific theories of publicity. On the contrary, they have the effect of Sportplakat Sports Poster having been cast in one mould as the spontaneous expression of a vigorous, independent tem perament whose sole aim is to achieve vitality and arresting Filmplakat Film Poster

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1941 | | page 54