KLINKERT Monte CavalloRom Radierung Etching New lustre has been shed on the heritage of J. B. Piranesi and Charles Méryon by Walter Klinkert's work in which he has sensed the "genius loci" in his meticulously executed drawings of historic piles and the architecture of modern cities. What Giovan Battista Piranesi achieved for Rome in his powerful, highly imaginative landscapes and Méryon for Paris in his austere, gloomily solemn drawings Walter Kiinkert is doing for Berlin. This artist has more than ever a vocation to draw the city in all its aspects, for at the moment it is undergoing an upheav al through vigorous re-planning. Among the outstanding qualities that have made such a successful artist of Walter Kiinkert is his self- restraint expressed by his wisdom in keeping strictly within the scope of his particular domain. He knows its limits within "landscape" art. The landscape artist sees Nature in all her prodigality spread out before him and is free to interpret her moods as the spirit moves him. 5

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1941 | | page 59