Radierung Etching Frontansicht des Berliner Schlosses Frontal View of the Royal Residence in Berlin of their own. The artist's range of expression is unusually wide. Beside the magnificent silhouette of the horse-tamers of "Monte Cavallo" rearing against the light background as they strive upwards, we find a still-life of the Park at "Herrenhausen", a composition in broad horizontal lines. Walter Klinkert is just as skilful in portraying the pomposity of Eosander's facade with the portals of Berlin's former Imperial Palace as he is in depicting Berlin tenement houses that have seen better days and now stand mournfully like neglected palazzi along the embankments of gloomy canals or gaze sadly into railway- yards. Gifted as this artist is he can make a thing of beauty

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1941 | | page 63