è^éifnloDung^ o thorough training in graphic art. The same may be said of Hermann Lahni who worked in Munich during the early days of his career. Thus his distinctive stamps and small- scale graphic work are decidedly German in character. Herald Meschendörfer is a gifted artist as was his brother Wolfgang Meschen dörfer whose death occurred only recently. In the work of both these brothers the influence of their native land is more apparent than in the case of the foregoing artists, if only to judge from the subjects selected for their compositions. Finally in Helfried Weiss we find an advertis ing artist whose work reveals most 49 Weïn-Etïkett Schutzmarke Trade Mark Entwurf WOLFGANG MESCHENDÖRFER Entwurf Verlobungsanzeige Announcement of Engagement Entwurf HELFRIED WEISS Design Einladungskarte Invitation Card

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