NIVEA 3tat|tfrc ■/U£)tnö(im5®crf •^usTtaiAitatsiaiftrn TfrdajiïftymJugmdin Xumamrn i 9 3 3 ™JÊ t0m NfVEA SIEBENBÜKGISCHE GEBRAUCHSGMAPHIK.EB Vtkrnt> strongly of all the national and ethnological element. In some of his refreshing and original publicity work he has made pleasing use of the ornamentation of Transylvanian folk or peasant art. Summing up, we may conclude that Transylvania has a number of expert advertising artists who possess both the will and the talent to execute to the best of their ability all the tasks belonging to their sphere of work. 50 Broschürentitel Title of a Booklet Entwurf Design WOLFGANG MESCHENDÖRFER Inserat und Seifenausstattung Advertisement and Decoration of Soap Entwurf GERALD BERNWIESER Design Translated by Flora Salmond-Volkmann

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1941 | | page 72