i mm w l - ifcf - m-mè I M Mm m k 1 ASBACH 'URALT iffnut ^orqfalt unD (3xbul0 qebranntcrffrein. C|k fpiircn Da? an feincni aollen runDcn Ptmbuft Vbic jcbmccfen Das an fcincm mtlDcn nmniqcn- Cefdnnacf-f Am Jnsbad) Alralt ift DcrCcift DcsH&cines! I 11 Age. Not only has Ahrens successfully portrayed the people and dress of this animated epoch, he has depicted with consummate skill and astounding ver acity their customs and gest ures also, to say nothing of his graphic reproduction of their lettering. Summing up, this change in Haus Asbach publicity may be termed a distinct success. The new contents are well thought out, the formal composition is excellent and may well be said to satisfy the most exacting demands. Translated by Flora Salmond-Volkmann c<% 1 1 l"f Coloured Advertisements

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1941 | | page 29