at that time, a well trained younger generation of graphic artists was lacking altogether. Today it is a pleasure to state that in the meantime this precarious breach has been almost bridged over. There are again efficient professional powers enough at disposal, among whom even some sharply profiled personalities have made a name for themselves. Also the academies are going on taking care of training a young commercial graphic generation, as for instance the State academy of fine arts in Stuttgart. From there also Winnie Gayler proceeded, who had received a very thorough education in Professor Walter Brudi's section for graphic art in books and in typography. The works we show here, made by her, most of which were already created for practical use, mani fest a strong talent for all graphic and picturesque tasks and es pecially so for the booktrade. However, just as well she could be successfully employed in the commercial sector, and therefore let us recommend Winnie Gayler to the consideration of all circles that have orders to place.

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1954 | | page 15