i '■^/ueFia undcSt/éat&n Is there still anybody who sends nowadays congratulatory cards at annual festivities such as Christmas or New Year? Is this not at bottom a totally obsolete and out-of-date cus tom? To this one can but answer that this old custom in Europe recently, quite evidently, has experienced a strong revival, and that meanwhile in the U.S.A. it has developed great economical importance, a fact pointed out in this periodical already a year ago. In contrast to that mass- consumption of congratulatory cards in the U.S.A. where, of course apart from self-evident exceptions, the senders have no lasting influence on their featuring, because of there being everywhere an abundance at dis posal, the European congratulatory cards are mostly of a somewhat more <\Y 1 Wilhelm Helse 2 Frii% Berger 3 Karl Kangenbacher 24

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