iiyi/tïScr fu/tfUnfr/-, fa/S /siu/i/n nrskartê w. 3 individualistic character. Also here, of course, one can buy everywhere those congratulatory cards on hand which, un fortunately, are mostly not too attractive. But he, who is somewhat fastidious and can afford it, generally will entrust artists with the featuring of his congratulatory cards in order to address the addressee in a personal form, whereby, na turally, this fine old custom suffers limitation in bulk con sumption. Today, before all, it is business people who out of purely commercial considerations will not miss the fa vourable opportunity of recalling themselves to their cus tomers in an appropriate manner. Out of such intentions arise also those many congratulatory cards which artists them selves send to their friends and patrons every year. They avail themselves of this rare possibility to speak out, for once, without force or obligation, and to let wit, mood and phantasy have their way. So these small subordinate works of theirs are often turned into the most charming creations of applied graphic art. They always give pleasure to the re cipient, and for this reason it would be pleasant if art-loving circles would entrust more often than up to now the graphic artist with featuring their private congratulatory cards. 1 Anonym 2 Martin Freyer 3 Josef Hegenbarth 4 Claus Hansmann (/artylafu/afaly calr/si 25

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1954 | | page 29