^liwacht pros t ï^ujahr AAAAAAAAA Auf emlSeue^.. FLENS 2 BURG Hans Schürholz 2 Hans-W alter Spahr 3 Hugo Kroner 4 Nicolai Borg j Hiroshi Ohchi 6 P. Ser nee Is Happy 1118-A*or". Kam-m«gi/ro. Megvrokw. To HIROSHI ó'uqnti ent that the signetsince long renowned in ïrcial arthas always put graphic featuring e test. The positive demand to express what of an establishment and its goods, must n the signet's extremely terse and concise problem is to find some hieroglyph or some sion. The fine and extraordinary brainwave, ation, fail when faced with this rigorous task, jetitions for signets have always been parti- ve, and so there is no reason to be specially i an immense number of entries is handed in, e case in hand, there are four thousand five ie of them. eading circle, Europe's greatest book so- ing for a new signet, leaving it to the artists 'ished to base their designs on a symbol or 3L with or without adding the title Bertels- circle». The signet was to be used in books -round publicity. It was to be of positive as tive effect, and if suited for luminous adver- These conditions have often been neglected, winners were ascertained by four ballots The standard of the graphic featuring was ry. The main difficulty for the partakers was jecifically booklike and literary element. This why so many good, nay even outstanding ected, as to a large extent the robust indu- minated among the designs submitted. Part ould not be accepted because they were too pose and other signets, specially impressive, theme. There was a boom in globes, eyes, cles and Picassoan double profiles. Each easy, was either awarded for a symbol (a hte), an abstract representation (book prism) ials, one among hundreds, and also mono- n of the first prize is made in a fine matter- r, which so easily lets forget how difficult The second prize is original, homogeneous The names of the prizewinners are alto- this time the tried and prominent ones did jearance. 26

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1954 | | page 34